Monday, February 28, 2011

Relationship between Celie and Albert

         In the exposition, the relationship between Celie and Mr.______ is forced. It is obvious that there is really no feelings behind this relationship whatsoever. After all, Mr.____ wanted to marry Nettie. The relationship was only necessary for Mr.___ to have a wife that would take care of the children and fill in the domestic role that was expected of women. She was the laborer, the source of work, and also the source of pleasure for Mr.____. 

         In the rising action, the relationship is further strained. Celie learns of the hidden letters that Mr._____ has been hiding from her. She is very angry with Mr.______ and their relationship at this point goes down hill. She curses at Mr.____ while having a family dinner.

         Celie and and Shug have moved on from Mr.___’s place. Her relationship with Mr.___ is still there in the sense that she will always feel the abuse that Mr.____ has subjected her to, but she is finally away from Mr.__’s confinement and way of life.

           In the resolution, Celie and Mr.____ are brought together once again at the end by there connection with Shug. Mr.___ at this point comes to the sense that what he has been doing is wrong. The relationship further improves when Mr._____ gives back all of Nettie’s letters to Celie. In the end they become good friends and learn to respect each other.

The symbol that symbolizes this relationship is the act of sewing. Sewing can be an act of repairing a garment much like how the relationship is repaired in the end. It shows that with effort, any situation, a relationship or garment can be repaired at its worst with the necessary time and effort. "Sitting on the porch with Albert... feel real plan a big family reunion..."(285)

The relationship between Celie and Albert is significant because it shows that through human perserverance, anyone can spring up from abuse, and empower themselves, even the person who commits the abuse. As can be seen throughout the book, Albert is largely taught by his father that women are only good for their role as a woman, not for their love. Albert is taught this and this is the only thing he knows of woman now. His love for Shug before was a relationship of love. As can be seen from the past, Albert was capable of love, but his father erased this quality from him. It is unfortunate that Celie was Alberts next bride in this transformation of his personality because if this weren’t the case, Celie would have been in a loving, fostering relationship much like Shug was with Albert years ago. At the end, both people in the relationship are empowered. They learn to give up Shug, the very person that was bonding them together, and give eachother a try. At the end, they become not lovers, but friends. From a relationship of abuse to friends, is a large transformation and this transformation is what empowers the two

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